Selecting Your Crypto Slots Site


Welcome to the world of crypto slots! No matter how old you are or what type of games you like, there is a site out there for you. But choosing the best one can be difficult with so many Bitcoin sites out there offering slightly different things. Here are some of the biggest factors to consider when selecting your BTC slots site:

License and Certification

  • License and certification are important. Make sure the Bitcoin site you choose has a license and certification.
  • How to check for a license and certification. Check to see if the casino is licensed by checking out their website, or contacting them directly (the latter is usually the easiest way). A quick internet search should also reveal whether or not they’re certified by any governing bodies in your country or jurisdiction.

If you don’t see any license or certification, how do you know if it will be safe? There are a few things that indicate whether or not a site is trustworthy:

  • A good customer support team – this can help with issues regarding deposits, withdrawals, and other matters related to your gambling experience at the site; at least one method of contact should be available 24/7 through email address(es) as well as live chat options for those who prefer communicating via text-based messages rather than voice calls; any time spent waiting for answers should not exceed 30 minutes on average because otherwise, it would just waste more time that could have been used playing games instead!
  • Good ratings from reputable reviewers like these guys, where you can find the best BTC slot sites in 2022 – this takes some research so make sure before signing up at any place first read reviews from different sites 

Games Provided

  • The number of games: This is the most obvious factor, and it’s important to make sure that your chosen casino has a decent selection of slots. Any good online casinos should have at least 70 games available, but ideally, you’ll want to find somewhere with over 100.
  • Variety: It’s also worth having a look at whether they have any unique or interesting slots on offer—or if they only seem to be offering the same old titles that you can find elsewhere. You don’t necessarily need new content (and in fact, there are lots of good reasons not to play slots that are brand new), but it may help make your experience more enjoyable if there’s something different about them than what you’re used to seeing elsewhere

Payment Options

You should be able to use the crypto you want. If you’re looking for a specific Bitcoin game, it’s important that the site supports the cryptocurrency of your choice. This way, if you win money on your wager, it will be in the same currency as your deposit and remain easily accessible.

Site Speed

  • Site speed is a huge deal and not one to be overlooked. You can test the speed of any given site by visiting Pingdom or GTMetrix, both of which will give you an idea of how fast or slow your connection is.
  • A site that’s too slow can really kill your experience and make it hard for you to enjoy playing slots games. If a site doesn’t load quickly enough for you, it’s likely that you’ll lose interest in playing there sooner than later.
  • The good news is that there are ways to improve site speed without breaking the bank on new equipment, software upgrades, or improvements made by developers (which can be very expensive).

Promos and Bonuses

You should also take into account the number of bonuses your BTC casino is offering. It’s always good to have a high-quality site with lots of offers, but what you need to look at is whether these promos are worth it or not. If you get a bonus that comes with a very low-value wager requirement and cannot be used on your favorite slot game, then it isn’t much use.

On the other hand, if they are only giving out small percentage match bonuses, this can be quite annoying as well! What we want is great promotions in addition to regular promotions so that there really is something for everyone!

One last thing we would like to mention here: most Bitcoin casinos offer welcome packages which give new players free spins or money when they place their first deposit – these are easy ways for them to attract new customers so make sure you check out what type of welcome package they have available before deciding which one suits your needs best!


We hope that this article has helped you to make a decision on which crypto slots site is right for you. If there’s anything else we could do to help, please let us know. 

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